Vale PJW

The passing of one of the audio world's great luminaries was today (December 12, 2003) announced on the Official Quad Site.

Peter James Walker needs no introduction to anyone visiting this site, as the co-inventor of the legendary Quad ESL, inventor of the equally famous Quad '63 and the Quad II amplifier. There are so many other contributions he made to the audio field that it would require yet another book on the Quad company to detail them all. So, rather than recount his historic contributions further I would like to reflect on other matters.

I will not speak here of “World Girdling Empires”, “Leading Edge Technology”, and “Amazing Steps Forward” in the field of audio, even though in some ways, Peter Walker, in his unassuming way, managed to change the world of audio forever.

Let me speak instead, briefly, of the things that Peter Walker has given hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

He has given them the most nearly perfect sound transducer ever conceived by man.

He has given them inter-relationships, communication and shared experiences.

He has given (directly and indirectly) employment to many thousands of people.

He has given audio designers food for thought and cause for despair(!)

He has left a lasting legacy of loyalty, inspiration and common sense to a field that (alas) often lacks one or more of these.

As it is with the legendary products of the legendary company he founded, his legend will endure.

There is a certain rejoicing in heaven this day, I suspect, and, is that the sound of harps I hear, or is it a Quad ESL playing?


Gary Jacobson
December 13, 2003