The rarest of rare Quad items are on offer on this page. Something to which very few Quad enthusiasts ever thought they would have access. The original Quad diaphragm coating material, amongst a other rare materials. No, not my DIY recipe, excellent though it is. No, not ELVAMIDE, although that's very good and available here too! Nope - CALATON CB® - The original soluble Nylon coating used by Quad in the original Quad electrostatic.

Tensilised P.E.T. Film! 6-micron! Re-build exactly like the original!! (Here) After a two year search for a speaker diaphragm film that is as close as possible to the original tensilised mylar used by Quad in the original Treble Panels, we have been able to source (made-to-order ) some 6-micron tensilised PET that meets the exact specification required. Stays put, holds high tensions, and is relatively easy to handle.

Bass Panel Film !! We can now offer a very close replacement for the Bass Panel Diaphragm film also. It is very hard to find a 12 micron PVC that has similar properties to the original Quad bass panel film (not just any old PVC will do - do try some others!!!), but after a long search, we have found some. This material is now listed below in the Bass Panel Materials Section.

Shipping: A flat rate of $US20 applies to ship every order Air Mail to anywhere in the world.
(N.B. None of the materials herein shown is suitable for the Quad 63 or later models) Please note that you can specify multiples of any item (e.g. 8 x capacitors) once you have clicked the PayPal button and have the shopping cart on screen.

Area 51 Materials

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