Quads Unlimited

Quads Unlimited is a relative newcomer to the Quad ESL rebuilding scene and like most, was started by an enthusiast who was initially so impressed by the essential “rightness” of this speaker in reproducing music that he had to keep restoring them - for both love and money. Wayne Picquet is the man behind “Quads Unlimited” and his attention to detail both cosmetically and sonically in his restoration of this classic speaker have earned him a position of respect in the Quad rebuilding community over the past few years. Wayne is located in Longwood, FLorida, U.S.A. Reviews of his work appear elsewhere on this site: See The Gang of Five, PK Panels and Wayne’s Restoration Drama.

Contact Details:

Wayne Picquet

Florida    U.S.A.    32750

Tel: (407) 879-5880
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Here is a few examples of Wayne’s restoration work and current prices: (click below for full image)