All the very special materials like diaphragm film (6 micron) and coatings - CALATON and ELVAMIDE - have 'moved' to Area 51. You'll find special 'kits' there also, along with dust cover material and the pride of the site, some tensilised 6-micron treble panel film and 12-micron PVC bass panel film, at very good prices for re-building your EHTs. Remember, all parts on this site have been tried and tested in the original Quad ESL, and are known to work properly. The tensilised P.E.T. film is a made-to-order film that is exactly to the original Quad specification.

Why buy at The Quad ESL?
All materials offered here have been tried and tested in the original Quad Electrostatic Loudspeaker, and are known to work in that application. Secondly, some of these materials (e.g. CALATON and Tensilized P.E.T. are only available here).

Some of your prices are a bit higher than I can get elsewhere...
Yes, but only a little, and as I say above, the materials are tried and tested in this application. So you know it will work in your ESL when used properly, and you don't waste time and effort searching the world for materials that may or may not work in this speaker - I've been there, done that, for you - so a slightly higher price.

What guarantees do I have?
Money back if not satisfied with the material. Plus, you will probably blacken my name from here to the ends of the earth on the Internet in about an hour, if I sell you garbage, or don't supply at all!

What's the money for?
As I say at the top of the page here, a small number of sales or commissions will keep this site on-line - pay InterNIC rego. fees, and ISP fees. This is a non-profit site.